Diploma Courses - fit for the future

Diploma Courses - fit for the future

It should be easier to choose the right diploma. Introducing campaign Build on your future to provide a better overview of the wide range.
Diploma in visual journalism, employment, information technology, education or elderly care? The possibilities are many, and it can be difficult to get an overview and choose from over 35 different diploma programs. That's why the Ministry of Education, employers, professional organizations and educational institutions now campaign Build on your future. The campaign will provide information about the options. One of the initiatives is diplomguiden.dk, which makes it easy to search for relevant education and provides a detailed insight into the benefits and opportunities that the student and the employer gets out of a diploma. Education Minister Troels Lund Poulsen hope that the initiative will have more people to consider a Diploma. "It is no longer enough to get an education in the belief that it can carry us throughout working life. We have to keep up with developments, develop professionally and constantly obtain the latest knowledge if we are to sustain our prosperity in the future. Therefore, we must educate ourselves throughout life. The diploma programs are a good springboard for new jobs or responsibilities, specialization and career change. I am pleased that we now have made the potential of diploma programs clearer for employers and future students. "The diploma programs are continuing education at tertiary level and targeted adults with work experience and education. These courses have in 2010 been through a major overhaul. The aim is to strengthen its position as a relevant and comprehensive further education, which also contributes to 50 percent of a youth cohort complete a higher education. The revision means that there are now created clarity and professional focus within six broad subject areas. It has become easier for employers and prospective students to find and choose the right diploma.

six disciplines

The revision has created a common framework Order six subject areas: -Fagområde in IT and technology -Fagområde management -Fagområde for Media and Communication -The educational field -The social science, economic and commercial field -It healthcare field.

The diploma programs

-In 2010, there were 8305 students per year at diploma programs. -Diplomuddannelserne Offered as open education. A diploma equivalent to one year full-time study or 60 ECTS credits and is organized mostly part-time. -There Are established common national curriculum for each diploma, so it is easy to combine training in various institutions. -Uddannelserne Used both to build on top of a vocational program and a continuing adult education and to build on a professional education. -Uddannelsernes Structure consists of a number of modules and a final project. -It Is possible to specialize and tone his diploma with an education direction. For example diploma in management education direction of health management. Source: UVM.dk