Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, master, after -and further training in theology.

As a theologian, you will learn about the history, language, religion, literature, ethics, society and philosophy. As finished theologian can get career as pastor of the Danish National Church. Other theological graduates find jobs as folk high school and college teachers, in other academic areas or academic staff and researchers at universities.
In recent years, an increasing number of graduates of Theology also moved into sectors such as media and communications, humanitarian or ecclesiastical association and organization work, publishing and Human Resource. The private sector demand candidates with broad academic skills and suggests that the theologians as "true generalists" in the future will be central here.

Learn more about the history, language, religion, literature, ethics, society and philosophy - one place

What can Crusader history teach us about politics and religion? And how can modern bioethics challenged by Christianity's view of God and man? Theology is not about to plunge into a dusty past, but just as much about today's cultural, religious and ethical issues. There are no easy answers to the big questions - and it's not easy to ask them.

On these pages you can read more about theology studies at the University of Copenhagen. You can watch movies on theological education and the career opportunities relating thereto. You can also read interviews with current students include our good study.

Finally, you can read more about how to contact us, and on our Open House events and offer "students for a day."


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Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Theology