It must be cool to be healthy

It must be cool to be healthy

At Aarhus Social and Health School, the concept of health several meanings, but common to them all is that it must conceal something positive. The school has, among other held a sports day.
"We are a medical school, and we hope that we can help to establish some healthy habits at an important time in students' lives. Many of them need to leave home and create their own lives, "says Inge Dolmer, head of the foundation course at Aarhus Social and Health School.

One of the school's basic idea is,

that when health becomes visible, it becomes easier to make healthy choices. Therefore, the school now in several areas increased the focus on "health". They have employed Camilla Sand Held Johnsen as health promotion coordinator and movement teacher. She has a Masters in General Education with a Bachelor in Physical Education. Students can book her for a talk about healthy habits and how these can be brought into play in everyday life. "We work according to the slogan: A healthy mind in a healthy body. Students should be in their job also be role models of social, health and educational area, "she says. To make it easier to use exercise as an educational tool, the school has staked part of creating a good framework that can both be used as part of the teaching and activity during breaks.

Thomas Evers Poulsen

taught students at Aarhus Social and Health School Thomas Evers Poulsen taught students at Aarhus Social and Health School. Perfect setting A recent approach has been to organize a sports day for the whole school, which was used instructors from outside. On the day, all students participate in three different disciplines: dance, ball games and old games. The organization of the day was good for both students and teachers in a perfect setting, explains Camilla Sand Held Johnsen. "It was nice that both were teachers and other employees, and we have had a good experience with students. It was good for them to see their teachers in a different way, and there has been an even better atmosphere at the school since sports day, "she says. The day enabled many of the students who usually do not move as much. Thomas Evers Poulsen, a former winner of Dancing with the Stars, was among other things for dance lessons. Four out of five of the school's pupils turned up for sports day. The school saw that in classes where there lacked someone needed a lot, which among other things can be about class mentality and culture of the class. Therefore, the school will make a greater effort to motivate students extra before next sports day.

The next sports day

Students' feedback was positive, but the day was that students did not bother to play, had pain everywhere, it seems too hard or did not like the arrangement suitable for adults. Based on sports day and students 'and employees' feedback is considering the school how the next event to take place. The idea is, among other things, that the day should have a different name, that there should only be two activities and perhaps choir or music instead of the third activity. The school is also considering making a claim for teams where less mobile can go for a walk or something similar. Health Guide and Sports Day is part of the school health profile. Other elements are breakfast and morning exercise in the basic course, exercise on the table in both social and sundhedshjælper- and social and health education and food policy in cooperation with the canteen. Source: UVM