The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

At The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts can be trained artist and strengthen your creative soul. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts aims to students to develop their artistic and creative skills in visual arts, design, creative thinking and the whole mindset it takes to create art that keeps the viewer caught and hits something essential in him / her.

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We are an internationally oriented educational and research institution that continues a more than 250-year tradition of developing visual artistic talent and business to the highest level, based on the individual student's independent work. Here, through the ages has trained and hatched leading artists from Caspar David Friedrich and Bertel Thorvaldsen of Vilhelm Hammershøi to Olafur Eliasson, Roepstorff and Jesper Just.

The School 'Schools currently has about 200 students and 50 employees, 22 of which are artistic and academic staff. The artistic education is handled by a large staff of professors and associate professors with visual art background and active, often internationally based exhibitions supplemented by other employees with high competence in a broad range of technical disciplines. In addition, a large number of both artistic and academic visiting scholars from home and abroad as giving lectures, holding workshops and doing tutorials and studio visits. Their presence, together with an increasing number of students with non-Danish background, to ensure a constant supply of new knowledge and experience to the institution.

At School 'Schools, the students are possibly involved in the organization of teaching, and it is expected throughout the training the student engages professionally and personally in both the practical and theoretical training. In the first three years is teaching and curriculum in a more formalized framework, including in the form of recurring course modules in art history and theory, lectures and discussion forums. The studio's last three years developed in close consultation between professors and students and places greater demands on the student's independent commitment and initiative.

Schools of consists of a common basic education as well as the normal and higher education. Normal training in all eight schools and departments: Sculpture School Charlottenborg, Sculpture School Frederiksholms Channel, Painting School, the School for Wall and Space, Graphic School, the school of Time-based Media and the School of Media Arts. Department of Theory and Communication is a special school that offers an independent master's degree. After the second year, culminating in an academic assessment, The student register for one of these normal or special schools.

The School 'Schools have overall objective is to be an academically ambitious platform for the development of the visual arts in all its aspects.


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The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts