Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities

University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities professional range has many interesting subjects. Blue. art and culture, science, literature, philosophy, pedagogy, historical and archaeological subjects, media and communication, and more than 50 languages ​​from all over the world.

About the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities covers as research and educational institution a wide range of courses and programs, known as the human sciences. The focal point of many of the human sciences is the human dimension of development and innovation, society, and politics, language and communication, history and culture, art and aesthetics and modern media and technologies.

The humanities are at work when homing in on heritage and cultural struggle, religious and cultural differences, Friends and enemy images, frihedssyn and cohesion, ethics and animal welfare, history's mistakes and doctrines of political spin and the media in the globalized world. The humanities programs provides students with tangible skills through language learning and text interpretation, history and cultural studies, IT practices and artistic training. At the same time, the students learn to think critically, evaluate that claims are valid and formulate clear and simple answers to complex questions.

The labor demand humanists' hard skills. The need for strategic skills as language and cultural understanding are great when companies must operate smoothly and flexibly to the global market and trade with close and distant cultures. Insight into the human dimension is necessary, when formulating future-proof solutions to technological challenges. Humanist The communication skills are high in price when pressing issues like health, climate and environment are on the agenda.

The Faculty of Humanities has over 11,000 students and about 1100 workers. The faculty consists of eight institutions in six study committees, offering 47 undergraduate programs and 60 graduate programs and a large number of optional programs. The programs cover nearly 40 languages ​​and 30 disciplines with the focus on history, culture, aesthetics, media, cognition and communication. The faculty is working continuously to develop new interdisciplinary education and research initiatives taking into account the public and students changing needs.

south Campus

Physically humanities today scattered on several addresses in Copenhagen, but has since 1970 had the largest concentration of Amager. In these years, expand and modernize the faculty facilities, so all humanities activities in 2013 are collected in new buildings as the university's South Campus on Amager. Here in Ørestad, with particular IT University, Danmarks Radio and a raft of high-tech companies, get the humanities optimal conditions for an active and challenging learning environment, an innovative research and close contact with interesting partners.

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Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities