Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE)

Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE)

The faculty is a faculty that has its starting point in the Danish agriculture and the basic research related to agriculture.

Faculty of Life Sciences of Food, Veterinary Medicine and Natural Resources is the only university educational institution in Denmark specializing in agriculture and veterinary practices. The only place in the country where there are trained veterinarians, agronomists, horticulturalists, foresters and agricultural economists. It is where the vast majority of Danish landscape architects trained, and one of the few places in the country, offering university degrees in food and nutrition. Research, both basic and applied research conducted in the fields of science, veterinary medicine, livestock, environment, agriculture, plant culture, landscape architecture, landscape ecology, forestry, food and human nutrition.

LIFE - Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

LIFE - Faculty of Life Sciences are working for a healthier and more sustainable future for humans, animals and plants - nationally and internationally. LIFE's research and educational profile is based on a position as interdisciplinary and holistic compared to the chain from farm to fork to health and welfare.

LIFE is working to create value for society. Therefore, both research and education at the faculty of touch with reality, and the focus is on all the time to establish good and strong collaborations with other public institutions and industry.

In all the years it has been essential for LIFE's efforts to improve people's standard of living. LIFE - Faculty of Life Sciences occurred in 2007 when the Royal. Veterinary and Agricultural University merged with the University of Copenhagen. When the Royal. Veterinary and Agricultural University was established in Frederiksberg in 1858, Denmark was plagued by hunger and poverty, and the land was uncultivated. See, inter alia, our 150th anniversary site . Today we are fighting throughout the wealthy part of the world for obesity and lifestyle diseases, and our fields full of crops.

Since 1858 has Frederiksberg Campus served as a framework for internationally oriented students, researchers, employees and companies that have been busy making a difference to our society. And both before and now it has been the focus of how this improvement could be done in a sustainable way.


Bülowsvej 17
1870 Frederiksberg C

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Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE)