Kolding School of Design

Kolding School of Design

Kolding School of Design educates designers who specialize in a specific subject area, but with great knowledge of other relevant disciplines and their concepts. DK's graduates must first be proficient designers, then good to work with the many other professionals, as the development of products and processes today include. Great knowledge of materials, techniques, design processes and the subject's history, combined with the ability to put his subjects into a social context, is the basis for DK's teaching.

A significant characteristic of the teaching method is project work. Our students must learn that individual talent and team work are each other's condition. They must learn that the (often), together with others, including other disciplines, to the unique results are achieved. We want to create strong Individualize that nevertheless succeed in a collective work process.

Kolding School of Design vision

Kolding School of Design, working closely with the University of Southern Denmark and a number of international partners developed into a leading international design institution with a focus on sustainability, social inclusion and cultural diversity. A leading educational and cultural institution which helps to promote innovation and value added, based on research, design development and collaboration with industry.

Kolding School mission

-udbyde design education at the highest level
-by developing and communicating design research and design development at the highest international level
-by developing a national and international education and design environment based on values: sustainability, social inclusion and cultural diversity
-operate as local, regional and national driver of the interaction between design, education and business
-udbyde training and consulting services to businesses and the public sector


Ågade 10
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 76 30 11 00

E-mail: dk@designskolenkolding.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag kl. 8.30-15.30
Fredag kl. 8.30-13.30


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Kolding School of Design
Kolding School of Design
Kolding School of Design
Kolding School of Design