Design School (KADK)

Design School (KADK)

Design course at the Danish Design School, now known as the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK), is a five-year, higher education under the Ministry of Culture. You implement it as a three-year training at undergraduate level and a two-year study program at the graduate level.

Design school has more than 135 years contributed to the development of Danish design and craftsmanship with an international reach. The school is an important cultural, educational and research institution in which Danish culture and design traditions go hand in hand with innovation, new knowledge and creativity.

Design School changed in October 2011 Ministry of Culture Ministry of Education Ministry .

About Design School

Design School dealing today with many aspects of design and crafts. From the form and technique of innovative and creative development for business impact, strategic design and sustainable options. Our programs stems from a unique interaction between creativity, innovative methods, research and material related project work.

Rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation is Lene Dammand Lund. Rector was until the merger advised by school councils with external representatives and an advisory board with Anders Byriel, Managing. Director Kvadrat, as chairman.

The school has about 600 students in Copenhagen and 70 at the School of Design, Bornholm.

Higher Higher Education

Design school has eight designs specialties and a strong research environment . School histore starts in 1875 and has been developed in dynamic interaction with the design profession. In 2010 merged with the School of Design Danish Design School, Bornholm and in 2011 merged school so with the School of Architecture and the School of Conservation.

Design School in 2010 accredited as higher tertiary education. In 2010, the school's design research also positively evaluated research.

Tradition and innovation

School of Design stems from the Scandinavian design tradition, where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand with business acumen. Today, we are a modern, research-based design school where innovative collaborations, ambitious vision and new technologies with creative artistic development and professional innovations.

Design School have historically spawned many of the designers who have helped to draw the picture of Danish design both nationally and internationally.


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Design School (KADK)
Design School (KADK)
Design School (KADK)
Design School (KADK)