The last aid before starting the study

The last aid before starting the study

Although you have not yet received your application, there are many young people who are dreaming of being admitted to the dream studio this summer. Whether you have applied to the nursing education, architectural studies or something completely third, you have a few months to wait before you get an answer. And if you're one of the many young people who are lucky enough to start studying for September, you might just need to refresh a few things before you start studying.

Perhaps you have kept one or more Sabbath years, which has meant that everything you learned in your high school education has been put a little too far away. Or you just want to prepare even better for your upcoming study.

summer Courses

One of the ways you can prepare yourself is by attending some of the many summer courses available in several different locations in the country. One of the courses you might consider taking is a behavioral economics course, which is for both women and men .

Here you will receive a five-day course where you will learn more about how and why we humans act as we do. In addition, you will also become clearer about what to do when we humans do not make the most rational choice. Five days of lots of learning where you can really get ready for college.

A little bit for language nerds

If you are not the type who wants to know more about people's doings and barns, you may be more attracted to a course where you need to analyze linguistic evidence . If it is something for you, there is also a course to suit your taste.

Over the course of three days, you will learn how to analyze linguistic evidence, which may include, for example, letters of threat, covert recordings, or doubtful wills. Along with a number of presentations, you will be presented with several different authentic cases from both Denmark and the USA. So you have the opportunity to be a minor language detective for three days, along with several others who have exactly the same interest in the language as you.

So if you do not yet know what to spend the end of your summer vacation and want to improve your skills before you can possibly start studying in late summer, you may want to consider throwing yourself over a summer course at one of the country's universities.