The little Mermaid

The little Mermaid

On Hadsundvej 14 in Aalborg is the Little Mermaid, a cozy and warm restaurant with good Danish food like roast pork with parsley sauce, Danish steak, meatballs and roast pork, all that our mother made it, with lots of love. Here are juicy steaks, delicious dishes with fresh fish, good American burgers and crunchy breaded chicken fillets.

The Little Mermaid is located a few minutes walk from the harbor, very central in Aalborg, on Hadsundvej 14. Here you get high quality food and elitesmileyen ensures that this is the track of the cases. The restaurant is well-liked by their customers on reports also about good service, big portions and incredibly tasty food.

The menu at The Little Mermaid is packed with goodies, and it can almost be hard to choose. Every day you can get daily for just 55 kr., Range of salads and appetizers are great and exciting, and shooting star in 3 different variations is among customers' favorites. Is there room to spare after the main course, here are a delicious dessert card where the warm pancakes with sugar and jam brings back memories of childhood.

At The Little Mermaid you have the opportunity to pick up your order at the address Hadsundvej 14 but the swift messengers also brings the food to your door.


Hadsundvej 14
9000 Aalborg

Opening Hours

Mandag: 16:00 - 19:45
Tirsdag: 11:30 - 19:45
Onsdag: 11:30 - 19:45
Torsdag: 11:30 - 19:45
Fredag: 11:30 - 19:45
Lørdag: 16:30 - 19:45
Søndag: 16:30 - 19:45


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The little Mermaid