Share a good idea and meld a senseless rule

Share a good idea and meld a senseless rule

The Minister of Education will have schools and institutions to share their good ideas, initiatives and experiences - and invites everyone to join superfluous regulations to the Ministry.
Ministry of Education has the last three years worked hard to cut red tape for education. Concurrently, there has been a great effort to highlight the good examples in among other schools. Now intensified efforts in both areas. All educational institutions are encouraged to share their good ideas and initiatives with each other - like all invited to join superfluous regulations Ministry of Education. Education Minister Bertel Haarder has great expectations for the results. "In all education efforts are committed to develop education and cooperation on it. Each institution has lots of good ideas and makes every day new, important lessons. Now we encourage institutions to share ideas and be inspired by others. They encounter a rule that slows or prevents their initiatives, they must sign rule for us. Perhaps it can be dispensed with, "he says.

Share a good idea

Good ideas shared at the Ministry of Education's website under a theme called: Share a good idea. The theme covers a collection of articles with exciting initiatives taken at various schools and institutions across the country and can be easily transferred to other locations. The aim is to raise awareness of the opportunities that are in the legislation, but few take advantage of - and to inspire schools and institutions to take the good examples for them. Among the current examples of the website is the use of teaching assistants at Nordvang School in Esbjerg, laptops for all students in Ørestad Gymnasium and the use of summer supplement to increase the possibility of being admitted to a higher education.

Report a meaningless rule

In continuation of past efforts to cut red tape of education has been introduced yet another new theme at the Ministry of Education website: report a pointless rule. Debureaucratization process has already resulted in a number of legislative changes on the elementary school on the basis of the so-called Monster Committee recommendations. The government has also opened to challenge the court, allowing local authorities to apply for an exemption from the rules and try new approaches. - Share a good idea - Sign a pointless rule Source: Ministry of Education