Decorate Shop

Do you love to follow the latest fashions and are you in Kolding? Then you can take a walk past the Decorate Shop! Decorate Shop is located at Jernbanegade 3, st. in the heart of Kolding. Here you will find both home accessories, furniture, handicrafts and interior.

In addition to the physical store in Kolding, Decorate Shop also has a website where you can find a huge selection of home accessories, furniture, handicrafts and interiors. So if you do not have the opportunity to take a walk past the business in Kolding, you can advantageously check out the website. If you are lucky enough to be in either Vejle, Horsens, Aarhus, Randers or Silkeborg, then there is good news for you: there is a Decorate Shop store in all these cities. So, if one of these cities is closer to you, then definitely check out the Decorate Shop in their physical stores!

Decorate Shop's shops and website create a unique universe of interior and use art, which is evident as soon as you enter the door. The beautiful green plants immediately catch one's eyes when you enter the store. In addition, all their world-wide brands are extremely beautiful, and it is obvious that Decorate Shop has created a whole universe. It is evident that the various things in their range have been carefully selected, and there is control over it all - which is clear as a customer to note.

The store has a large selection of designs and brands, which are both Danish designs but also foreign brands. Here you can find well-known brands, but also brands that you may not have been familiar with before, but which can give you inspiration in your interior design in your home. Some of the various famous products and brands in the store include HAY pillows, Kubus candlesticks, ferm LIVING, Kähler vases, House Doctor, Lyngby Porcelain, Norman Copenhagen and much, much more.

In addition to interior decoration, Decorate Shop also has a number of other small products that they sell. This is, among other things, within jewelry, care products and delicacies. The delicacies are among other things luxury lacquers from Lakrids by Johan Bülow, some delicious chocolate or tea and coffee of delicious quality. Care products include products from the brands Meraki and the Badeanstalten. The jewelery in the store is also from well-known brands such as Pernille Corydon and Stine A.

If you choose to step inside the door at Decorate Shop in Kolding, you will be greeted by a universe that contains almost everything you can imagine in home furnishing and lifestyle products that help make everyday life a little nicer, cozier, sweeter or just give you inspiration for your interior design.


Jernbanegade 3, st., 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: +45 4190 8908

Opening Hours

Mandag-torsdag: kl. 10.00-17.30
Fredag: kl. 10.00-18.00
Lørdag: kl. 10.00-15.00