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de Choix

On the beautiful Vesterbro in Copenhagen, is the stylish and cozy hair salon De Choix. The salon is a so-called Green Salon, implying that both colors and products are carefully selected with care for not only your health but also for the environment, so it will be burdened as little as possible. In the salon you will find colors without chemistry and ammonia, and delicious therapies that olaplex to fresh even the dullest lures up. There are wonderful products for all hair types, and the good and sweet hairdressers always have a good tip for just your hair, and go to great lengths to fulfill your wishes.

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In the well-appointed and stylish rooms, you are briefly shown to the right in one of the salon's fine chairs. You can enjoy the great variety of fashion magazines, and perhaps find inspiration for your next look. The well-trained hairdressers take their craft very seriously and always ensure that you walk away satisfied and happy. It is important at De Choix that all hairdressers have the 4-year-old hairdresser training, and the high quality seen in the salon also means that it is extremely popular among their clients. At De Choix they strive always to give the best advice and treatment, and therefore all hairdressers often on courses so they are constantly updated with the latest trend.

Whether you need a color freshened up, garden tips clip colored eyebrows or the big trip, they are ready with big smiles and lots of ideas of De Choix. The unrivaled service can be seen almost nowhere else, and you do not doubt that you are in good hands from the moment you meet the skilled hairdressers. They always manage through a dialogue, to reach the result you want, and they will never let you walk out the door unless they are completely satisfied. You would think that this would be a omkostelig affair with at De Choix are prices so everyone can participate, eg for Women Cut for just 480 kr. And Lord Cut to only 380 kr. It is a 20% student discount, so here all possibility of really being spoiled.

Customers are not in doubt, read their reviews from De Choix ' Facebook page ;
"Great experience! Nice atmosphere in the salon and very competent hairdressers. Good professional advice and I came away with the hair I wanted to. I can only recommend others to visit the salon! Highly satisfied."

"Simply a great salon. People listen to what you want with your hair, but at the same time you are also told if it will not work. Olaplex treatments is especially recommend - also as a stand alone treatment. After many years filters the hair I did not need a brush to comb it, just my hands. "

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On we have only been able to find incredibly great reviews of De Choix, here is undoubtedly a salon absolute top class. The talented and highly skilled hairdressers are just level better than most, they do not just listen, but really understand their customers' needs and desires, and is generally just a pleasure to visit. Should you cut, to have advice or a wonderful cure, so look into past De Choix, and enjoy the relaxing ambiance and treatment - Enjoy.

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Vesterbrogade 128A,
1620 København V

Contact info

Telefon:3322 3383

Opening Hours

Mandag:  08.00 - 15.00
Tirsdag:   08.00 - 17.00
Onsdag:   LUKKET
Torsdag:  12.00 - 19.00
Fredag:   10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag:    09.00 - 14.00


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