Denmark's three best bartenders compete against European bartender elite

Denmark's three best bartenders compete against European bartender elite

Kasper Riewe Henriksen from Ruby (first place), Nikolaj Brøndsted from Mash (second place) and Oskar Johanssen from gilt (third place) won last week the national final of the world's most prestigious bartender competition DIAGEO Reserve World Class.

They competed in a field of Denmark's 18 best bartenders and moving on to the Western European final in London on May 29 to 30, where they will fight for a place in the Global Final in Rio in July 2012.

Diageo Reserve World Class is considered the highest-profile competition of its kind in the bartender environment. The program lasts one year and is helping to lift the bartender's level by challenging their tastes understanding, develop their creative abilities and raise their awareness of exclusive spirits. The Danish final took place last week, on April 17 and featured a full day combined masterclass and competition where bartenders received instruction from some of the best bartenders in the world in cocktail trends, flavor combinations and exclusive liquor varieties.

Participants were judged on their creativity, technique and ability to taste together cocktails. Kasper Riewe Henriksen from Ruby won first place with his cocktail Another Story Fizz, Nikolaj Brøndsted from Mash won second place with his cocktail Tonga-Tini and Oskar Johanssen from gilt won third place with his cocktail Cløver Club. All three winners moving on to the Western European final in London on 29th-30th May.

"I'm ridiculously happy. Think that I won with my Tonga-Tini, it's a cocktail that has been underway for a year and soon to be found on cocktail card on MASH. It was a top professional arrangement of Diageo, it was just as well arranged and conducted by the cocktails that were created in the bar. London is fantastic, and of course I win, but do not tell the others. It's about being in control of his facts and relax, so you behave as you have in the bar. This industry is all about experiences - we provide a complete experience. If you deliver the perfect, it seems simple and straightforward. The people who are in the room are some of the best bartenders in the business, so I also participate to learn something. They are a small group of extremely dedicated career bartenders at the core of the bartender community in Denmark. They will help to make this area highly visible for maybe 10 years, "says one of the winners, Nikolaj Brøndsted from MASH, baransvarlig for all three MASH restaurants, liquor responsible for the Umami and Les Sommelier.

Statements from the judges: Jury Member Tim Vollerslev - recognized wine expert and jury member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, the world championship of sommeliers: "It has been a very exciting process, and we have seen some unbelievably talented bartenders here today. They have a high artistic level and master the different flavor combinations - they also understand that reach beyond the bar, involve their guests and create an experience. Bartending is a discipline that is undergoing a revolution in recent years, and over time will gain esteem in line with gastronomy. With the level I've seen today, I am convinced that our winners of Diageo World Class will put Denmark on the world map.

"Jury Member Andy Pearson - one of the 100 most important personalities in the development of bar industry in London:" Diageo World Class is all about raising the bar. Bartenders all over the world are scared to miss out on this competition. It is about mastering the art of mixology, making the best drinks Involving your personal twists and creativity, men det er også om history, the presentation, how you forholde two people, all the great skills a bartender needs. You will be Judged and Measured on every single aspect - it is about som has the best combination of skills - the whole package.

"Jury Member Salvatore Calabrese - the Maestro - world famous industry expert and one of the world's best bartenders:" We are all part of a theater, som about how you bring drinks to life. We do this year after year, fordi we do not Claim To know it all. We learn from eachother and from the Consumers. Being a bartender is not just a job - it is an incredible job. This is World Class, be gentlemen and impress me! Winning this competition does not provide you a prize, it is given you a future. "