Are you looking for a bar with a very special lounge atmosphere? Then you may have to visit Dandy in Copenhagen. Here the color dominates pink and luxury. If you and your student friends are ready to spend a little more money on a couple of cocktails and would like to experience something new, then you will need a trip to Dandy. Specifically, you will find Dandy on Queen's Square 9 in the heart of the capital. The bar is thus close to the King's Garden, the King's Nytorv and of course many of the other walk-in-town places in the inner city.

Dandy in Copenhagen is a mix of a nightclub and cocktail bar. Here, the focus is on design and the luxurious decor, which is why it is definitely an experience in itself just visiting Dandy. So the setting for the place is quite special, and if you are the type who wants the whole experience to be completed and that the prices may be a bit higher then Dandy is the place to visit.

If you want a better insight into the universe that you at Dandy are welcomed to, you can get a better insight instead through their profile on Instagram.

Go to Dandy's in Copenhagen if you're fresh to experience a luxurious cocktail bar in the heart of Copenhagen.


Dronningens Tværgade 9
1302 København

Opening Hours

Onsdag: 18.00 - 01.00
Fredag - lørdag: 18.00 - 04.00


Dandy's website