DM - Danish Magisterforening

DM - Danish Magisterforening

DM's structure are both based on a "traditional" organizational hierarchy of Representatives, executive committee and committees, and a workplace-based structure. The aim is to ensure that the DM functions both as an integrated organization, and that there is a close contact with the workplace.

DM is democratically structured as Governors, sector directors, section directors and network directors and the President is directly elected by the members. The same applies to part of the executive committee members.

Working DM
The Board meets twice a year. It may issue recommendations or notices as the main board and the President must follow. The Board approves bl. a. the association's accounting, budget and work program.

The Executive Council shall, together with the President of the continuous political leadership of the association. The Secretariat headed by the Director takes care of the daily "business" based on the guidelines set out by the executive committee, chairman of Representatives.

For the convenience of the Central Board's work with policy formulation in selected areas have been established a number of committees. They are Central Board of advisors in the area concerned.


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