DJ Asle Bjorn Retro!

DJ Asle Bjorn Retro!

Asle can be described as funky, dirty, and always for party people. With years of experience from the hoards of abroad gigs (Miami to Tokyo) and radiation of a sublime profits he takes the audience on a journey. Is the pumping vocal electro, house or hard tech breakbeats, they all have a common feature: Hands in the weather!

Time and place: Saturday. 26 June at. 24:00 @ Club Retro Odense .

Asle has a style that is unique for Denmark.

On the remix side has Asle had a hand in the machinery at, for example: Ida Corr, Safri Duo, Swan Lee, New Order, Moi Caprice, Luther Vandross, Camille Jones, Infernal, Blue Foundation mf Asle has several times been nominated for Danish DeeJay Awards - and won two - for the year remix (Swan Lee) and the year Upfront udgivlse (Golden Sun).

With the console is DJ NME aka. Ronnie Veiler.

Ronnie has played DJ jobs both in Switzerland, Germany and Norway. And since the 80s been a super mix -and scratch DJ which still can experience when he conjures in his desk. Ronnie has made music and remix in half a lifetime and have been lucky enough to live well of his musical abilities.

Albani and Tempt Cider is hosting this event

They provide good prices on TEMPT Cider throughout the night and welcome drinks for the first 100 guests. Book a table at once - Click here Read more about Club Retro Odense here