Copytrading at eToro - this is how you copy professional investors

Copytrading at eToro - this is how you copy professional investors


Would you like to copy professional investors and get the same returns as the professionals? That sounds too good to be true, but it actually isn't. Copytrading is still relatively new and was launched by eToro who came up with a new and revolutionary product that was going to change the way it invests. Let's dig deeper into what copytrading is and how to invest in copytrading at eToro.

What is Copytrading?

Copytrading is one of the latest ways to invest, where you can simply copy other investors. portfolios completely automatically. What's interesting about copytrading is that it doesn't cost anything to do it. It is therefore free to invest in their portfolios and when they trade new shares, your portfolio will follow as a percentage. This means that when they e.g. If you buy 5% of their portfolio in a share, then 5% of your portfolio will follow this investment. When the investor sells, your copytrading portfolio will follow.

How do you invest with copytrading at eToro?

To get started with investing in copytrading at eToro, you don't actually have to do much. It works very much as if you had invested in a regular investment platform. But we still have a simple guide to how to get started investing with CopyTrading at eToro so you can get started quickly and simply.

  1. The first thing to do is to create an account with eToro. You can read a review of eToro here where you can read a little about how to create an account with eToro.
  2. Once your account is set up with eToro then you can deposit your first deposit. To get started with copytrading, the least you can invest is $ 200, which is equivalent to about 1200 Danish kroner.
  3. Then you need to find an investor that you want to copy. Here are many to choose from, but there is also a category called Most Copied, which gives you some suggestions for those that are copied by most others.
  4. Now just click on '' copies '' and you are successfully investing in copytrading with eToro.

We hope you have been able to use our guide. Good investment. And if you want to know more, you can find more information at here where there are reviews of different platforms and much more.