Comwell - Aalborg

Need to relax in a hotel here in Denmark? Then Comwell is an obvious choice for you. Comwell hotels have both conference, hotel, spa and holiday guests. This mix allows them to offer you varied working hours - so you can get the most out of your life. Comwell is found in many of the country's major cities, including Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and in Kolding. Comwell in Aalborg is located at the address Vesterbro 2.

If you really need to unplug and relax properly, then Comwell hotels are an obvious place for you. They have some of the best spa hotels in the North, according to themselves. These hotels offer, among other things, indoor and outdoor experience. Here you have the opportunity to have a wonderful weekend stay with whirlpool, sauna, jacuzzi and spa treatments.

At Comwell's hotels, they offer stays for both private and business guests. Comwell has a total of 15 hotels in Denmark and two in Sweden. These hotels offer either a cozy get-away with the girlfriend, a delicious and tasty gourmet experience, relaxing mini-holidays with friends, weekend stays or single nights. So whatever you're looking for in a hotel in Denmark, you're almost sure to find it all at Comwell's hotels.

On their website you can easily tailor your stay to suit you perfectly. First, choose an area where you can choose between Zealand, Funen and Jutland. Then choose your wishes for your stay. Here you can choose from a lot of different, which are: kick off, annual meeting, team building, exhibition, party, nature, gas economy, sports, weekend stays, hotel stays, big city and spa stay. There is therefore something for everyone. You can experience a bit of each at Comwell's hotels, which is why this hotel is an obvious choice.

At Comwell, they face the realities of life. Life in the hotel business. They know that it is an industry where, at times, the pace is really strong, where the pace is high, but they stretch us to the utmost to always give our guests the best experience.

However, Comwell is not just for you if you are looking for a hotel where you can have a great weekend stay. If you are looking for a job, then Comwell might be the obvious place for you. Comwell is one of the industry's most attractive jobs, and they strive to remain so. We can always use more skilled employees. Does that sound like something for you? So check our vacancies, send us an unsolicited application or read more about Comwell as a workplace.


Vestebro 2
9000 Aalborg

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Telefon: 98 13 84 00