Comedy show with 80% student discount!

Comedy show with 80% student discount!

Pejsegården holds a highly entertaining comedy show over the summer, which include Gordon Kennedy helps. The event usually costs 530 kr., But Pejsegården has agreed to provide almost free access to students. The hotel behind gives you the entire 80% student discount, so you can experience the event for just 95 kr. Incl transport (from Aarhus first three Fridays in September + by appointment)!

Ticket Booking and info: 7575 1766 -

The event is a musical comedy show - A journey of a 1st class "Eat, fireplace, and be merry", which airs every Friday and Saturday, from 24th August to 24 November at. 18.30.

This year Fireplace Show at Hotel Pejsegården is a musical comedy show absolute top class!

Experiences and travels bring joy and cheer in all of us, so Chimneys Air flies you on a first class festive trip where the enthusiastic crew team entertains with comedy, satire and music, so here you'll need to bring the good mood and familiarize yourself well organized to enjoy a flight filled with surprises than usual, in the musical comedy show "Eat, fireplace and be happy."

In addition to flying with the crazy ...
Fireplace show presenting the year strong crew teams of 4 crazy stars aboard Chimneys Air that everyone will do their utmost to give you a for-flying show, when they take you on a musical and extremely funny travel - 1st class.

It is a unique blend of cabaret, show, stand-up, song and music. Something to think about, something to laugh about and something super cool music for the ear canal.

Video Fireplace show last year

A scoop of an all-star crew teams:
Gordon Kennedy - Farshad Kholghi - Sara Poulsen - Mikkel Schrøder Uldal

Music on the trip played by:
Rasmus Friss Tvørfoss on drums - Jason J. Dove on piano - Jakob "Jønne" Nielsen on bass

In kontroltornet
Director: Donald Andersen

is not just top entertainment!
It is also dancing to one of Denmark's best live bands, drinks and cocktails in the rotating bar, and not least Jason's evocative "singalong" piano lounge where everyone joins Jason's grand piano, and singing along to all the big hits.

There is take off the Fireplace Show pm. 20:30.
We land back at. about 22:30 then there is dancing to the live band and comfort in Jason's piano lounge!

Tickets: 7575 1766 -

It all goes into the air from transit:
Hotel Pejsegården, Brædstrup - which can almost call the Jutland hotel "Las Vegas." For you to discover everything besides the huge Fireplace Show - restaurants - bowling - games - amusement machines - piano lounge bar - cocktail bar - rotating bar - pool - entertainment all year - Texas town - function rooms - 120 rooms and etc.

Quick facts about the actors:
A scoop and well-composed musical humorous talented team, who with their different personalities and talents making fireplace show even stronger, more fun and energetic. For one thing they have in common, they can all entertain 1st class with good humor, fun, music and satire.

Gordon Kennedy: Is a skilled humorous actor who brings the show some brilliance, fun and comedy. He is very quick on the trigger after many years on stage as a stand-up comedian and cabaret and have a great experience from humorous films, series, television production, as director and the revue and theater scene. Someone remembers him enough on stage as a guest in the fireplace show last year.

Farshad Kholghi: Is an energetic funny entertainer who brings crazy characters and satirical terms to the show, and has been part of the fireplace the show for many years. He is an experienced entertainer, thoughtful columnist, appeared in films, series and is a recognized speaker and is later seen with his own one-man show, "Gold and green virgins".

Sara Poulsen: Is the new emerging stjernefrø in fire show, a pretty fun musical actor who can kick it on stage with tempo, singing and entertaining satire in the top class. She has been known as an actor, most recently from Rottefælde Revue and also puts her magnificent voice to cartoons, games and commercials.

Mikkel Schrøder Uldal: Is a humorous musical entertainer that with his great musical talent can entertain on all musical instruments and singing, satire and amusing, quirky incident on stage, has a broad experience from DR, B & D, television satire shows, revues, as a musician and host and organize and developer. He is also a known identifications from the previous fire show.

Do not miss this unique offer at Hotel Pejsegården. And remember, you can take up to four friends on your student. Are you a group who would like to experience Fireplace show, please contact the hotel who would help with transportation etc.

For more information and ticket booking:

Hotel Pejsegården
Søndergade 112
8740 Brædstrup
E-mail: hotel @ Pejsegaarden
Tel .: 75 75 17 66

Order tickets by as much as 80% off Fireplace show 2012