The cocktail bar

The cocktail bar is a cozy local bar in Bagsvaerd in Copenhagen, where you can get a lot of different delicious cocktails. Whether you are in Inner Copenhagen or a little outside Copenhagen it is easy to get past the Cocktail Bar, as it is located close to Bagsvaerd station at the address Bagsvaerd Hovedgade 158. The cocktail bar in Copenhagen is definitely worth checking out if you are crazy about cocktails and want a cozy and local place to visit with friends.


Here they start the party every weekend, but these are not the only days of the week when the Cocktail Bar is open. They also welcome Monday to Thursday, so you have the opportunity to visit the Cocktail Bar many times during the week, whatever suits you and your calendar.


At the Cocktail Bar they offer darts and billiards, among other things, so you have plenty of activities to do if you visit the bar with your study buddies and you want to make other than drinking delicious cocktails.


Here is their specialty gin and you will find a lot of drinks with this. So if you're crazy about gin, you'll definitely find something that fits your style. However, they also have a lot of other stuff, so if gin isn't your favorite, you also have plenty of opportunity to find something that pleases you.


Their long opening hours make it easy for you and your friends to have a long and enjoyable evening out.


Bagsværd Hovedgade 158
2880 Bagsværd

Contact info

Telefon: 91 84 77 75