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What can I expect from therapy?

I offer talk therapy where the problems and challenges that fills in your life right now is what we are concentrating on. You decide what we should be talking about from time to time.

As professionals it is my job to meet you as you are and create a safe and caring space for therapy, where you can feel good about yourself. My theoretical background and my experience helps ensure that the therapy is moving in the right direction.

Therapy based on you and your experiences

A course of therapy with me is based on you and that are important to you in your life right now. The focal point of the therapy is constantly on how to emotionally affected by situations, relationships and moods.

The therapy takes place always at the pace that suits you. This means that you tell about that, you're ready when you are ready for it.
I have over the years gained experience through working with over 500 clients in therapy.

My education

I have a 4årig training experience-oriented Psychotherapist from Psychotherapy Institute in Copenhagen. I have subsequently received further training me in Emotion Focused Therapy, inter alia, Rebekah Jorgensen and Susan Johnson.

I graduate in psychology from Roskilde University and a Bachelor of pedagogy. I am also certified PREP instructor.
I am currently in the process of improve my skills and participate in relevant training.

I am a member of the Danish Psychotherapy Association and works in accordance with Psychotherapist Association's code of ethics. Of course I have full confidentiality and I receive regular supervision.

I have very broad experience with therapy and treats clients with many different issues, but has chosen to concern myself particularly with:

exam Anxiety
Bad self esteem
Relationships and close relationships
family issues

If you have mental problems, sad, stressed or anxious, so do not go with it for yourself. It is important that we share our thoughts with others and ultimately may need to get professional help.


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