Café Viggo

Café Viggo

Café Viggo is a French bistro located in Frederiksberg.

Café Viggo named after comic book character Gaston Lagaffe and it has left its mark on the decor in the cafe. Here there are cartoons and Viggo'er everywhere.

Although Café Viggo is a French cafe / brasserie you can enjoy the dishes at reasonable prices. During the day ordered that typically brunch and galette, while in the evenings, inter alia, beef tenderloin, lamb. Café Viggo also has a daily special, such as. could be in the rabbit red wine. These dishes are typically very French, delicious and can be acquired at reasonable prices.

Are you at Café Viggo an evening where to party, you can also order good wine and classic cocktails at the café. Café Viggo is a very cozy place with happy, informal French staff, good food and drink at excellent prices.

Tip: Café Viggo has wireless Internet for free, and you must eat at Café Viggo you can get 2 courses for 209, -, or 3 courses for just 249, -. It could be mussel soup for starters, phase or deer for main and creme brule for dessert.


Værnedamsvej 15
1819 Frederiksberg C.

Contact info

Telefon: 3331 1821

Opening Hours

Mandag - Onsdag: 10.30 - 01.00
Torsdag - Lørdag: 10.30 - 02.00
Søndag:              11.00 - 18.00
Dog lukket søndage i perioden 1. juli -1. september.


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Café Viggo
Café Viggo
Café Viggo