Cafe baton

Cafe baton

Here you will find traditional Danish with great inspiration from the American urban life. Café baton is the place where you come and have fun with friends - here you do not get the big bill even if you spend a whole evening on the spot.

Here there is also the opportunity to eat roast pork ad libitum for 89.- then add cheap beer and you have the place if you need to start a good night.

Suitable for class reunions, football terminations etc.

It says baton itself

A mid season I had cozy haven if you're off with the boys or the girls.
Excelent food, good prices and a good deal of charm. A sports bar that meets all criteria with respect. Ambiance, selection and operation.

Probably not a place for the romantic first date .... of course if you are into that kind !!
BUT ANYWAYS! you must socialize with the team over something fried pork (ad libitum for 89, -), nachos and beer it's a class place. If you have nothing to talk about, so you can always find inspiration in the sport which is always running on the site fjensynsskærme.

So the next time in must have warmed up to at night with little food, go out and enjoy a fight in the park or any other event so drop by Café baton.

We have the opportunity to arrange parties of up to 1,000 envelopes, theme parties of your choice and desire.

In addition, we organize pig feasts, before the football celebrations etc., Then made an offer and we are ready.

Cafe baton


Gunnar Nu Hansens plads 9
2100 København Ø

Contact info

Telefon: 3538 6104



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Cafe baton
Cafe baton
Cafe baton