Café Peace

Café Peace is located in the heart of Aalborg on the Boulevard. At Café Peace you can enjoy everything good to your palate from morning to evening. The motto in the café is "Little things mean a lot", which means that staff always have a profit to provide the right good service, so the customer experience becomes something very special.
From the morning you can enjoy coffee, bread or their delicious morning plates. During the day you will be able to enjoy your food in a cozy setting where they can offer a wide menu. In the evening you can also enjoy your kitchen and you will not be hungry from there.
When you choose to dine at Café Peace, you pay not only the food and service you pay for a whole experience that you will soon forget. The atmosphere is always good at the café and everyone is welcome and you will always be at the center as it is your first priority.

Breakfast and breakfast menu

At Café Peace, they offer a wide selection to their customers both early in the day and for dinner. From 8 to 11 you can choose between their many morning dishes like American pancakes, omelet, bowls, etc.
Have a little more time in the morning, from 9-14 you can order their incredibly delicious brunch, where you can order a plate and a buffet.
If you need something delicious for the sweet tooth, you can also order a homemade cream bowl, pie, chocolate mousse and pie cake.
When you arrive later in the day they have a large selection of lunch dishes, sandwiches, users as well as salads and pastas, which you can order after. 11th

Dinner menu

At night, after noon 17, you will be presented with a menu of many and exquisite dishes. Here you can choose a starter, main course and not least dessert.
You can put together your very own 3 course menu, where you will be served to the starters. can choose grilled heart salad, to main course a tortellini and season's pie for dessert. On their website you will find the complete menu card, and they are ample to choose from.

For dinner you can choose from a variety of beers, soft drinks, water and juice.

Looking for a cafe in Aalborg, where they put their customers first priority and where there is a large selection of quality dishes, Café Peace is the place to choose. Do not hesitate to book a table today - they are looking forward to hearing from you.


Boulevarden 4
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Tlf.: 7070 7103

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 08.00 - 22.00
Fredag - lørdag: 08.00 - 23.00
Søndag: 09.00 - 17.30


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