CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment

CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment

Cphbusiness Laboratory and Environment has previously been called Laboratory Sciences Nordsjælland. Here you can take the training for laboratory technicians. Laboratory program is a short higher education. 1½ years at school and then 1 year internship.

Cphbusiness Laboratory and Environment Built in 2007, approximately 2000 m 2. Each class has its own classroom, where there is plenty of space and air. Public areas are large and furnished to both group work or relaxation and are used extensively. There are about 500 m2 well-furnished and well-equipped laboratories, a biotechnology and one for chemistry, technology and several smaller specialized laboratories.

Teaching takes place in classes of approx 25-30 students. For each class is associated with a teacher that is part of the teaching team of 2-3 teachers. Teaching varies between classroom assignments, group assignments, projects and practical training in the laboratory.

The program is built on themes of 3-5 weeks where you immerse themselves in one or more subjects. The forms vary from week to week, but the average number of hours is 23-25 ​​hours. After each theme there is a evaluation which applies both ways. The students evaluated to determine whether objectives have been met and the teaching and theme content evaluated so that future teams get an even better education. The students therefore experience that they have great influence on the content and method of teaching.

Cphbusiness Laboratory and Environment trademark is a good atmosphere and a good study. The school's size and decor do you know each other and it applies to both teachers and students across vintages.

Many students choose to do homework on the school in groups, where they may use the school's wireless network and computers.

Each class chooses a representative to the student council. Often takes the student council initiative to hold Friday café and school holds a big party at least once a year and very often attended by old students, who keeps in touch with the school.

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Peder Oxes Allé 4
3400 Hillerød

Contact info

Telefon: 3615 4506

E-mail: laborant-miljo@cphbusiness.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - Torsdag 9.00 - 15.00
Fredag 9.00 - 14.00


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CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment
CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment
CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment
CPH Business - Laboratory and Environment