Bubbles Bar

Copenhagen is filled with exciting bars and nightclubs, but if you are into bubbles, and if you enjoy the taste of a delicious cocktail, then you may want to visit Bubbles in Copenhagen. Bubbles is a cocktail bar that offers a little different! Specifically, you will find Bubbles at Østerbro, namely at Århusgade 14! It is within walking distance of Poul Henningsens Plads and Nordhavn St.

The beautiful décor of the bar helps create the ideal setting for a visit to the cocktail bar. If you're curious, you can also follow Bubbles on their very own Facebook page . At the time of writing, 80 people were in the process of assessing Bubbles, and the bar now has a score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. We call that a good score!

The cocktail card at Bubbles is incredibly exciting and definitely worth a look. You can find a complete overview of the map on the cocktail bar's own website. However, if you still have some doubts about what to order, you can always ask the friendly staff at the bar. They will be ready to help you, so you can order a cocktail that is right for you!

Are you missing a recommendation for a delicious cocktail bar on Østerbro? Then try Bubbles.


Aarhusgade 14
2100 København Ø

Contact info

Telefon: 31 25 00 99
E-mail: bubblesbar@gmail.com

Opening Hours

Onsdag - torsdag: 16.00 - 00.00
Fredag: 16.00 - 03.00
Lørdag: 18.00 - 03.00


Bubbles Bar's website