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Web designer and Online Marketing consultant Nicolai Sørensen deals with results-generating, transparent online marketing. It's all about marketing for all kinds of purposes, from more traffic, better conversion rates to recruiting and more. Most importantly, the experience involves the client's desired end results and therefore expectations are adjusted early in the process, while at the same time taking a realistic position on a realistic time horizon of the project as well as the necessary tools to be used to achieve the given objectives. It is important that the client understands all relevant information and data from the start, so the necessary time is spent on dialogue and cooperation.
Nicolai Sørensen works in various areas of web design, SEO and online marketing as they all support a company's identity online and can either strengthen or weaken it. The combination of the actions Nicolai Sørensen, in close cooperation with the client, decides to execute is based on a long-term strategy, but focus on the fields where the client feels most challenged. Nicolai Sørensen creates an overview of the action plan to be implemented and acts throughout the process as a consultant, consultant and support for the client. This means that there will be continuous communication and updating, which will make the development clear and understandable to all parties. There are package solutions and subscriptions, but Nicolai Sørensen will always familiarize himself with the client's situation, understand it and tailor the most appropriate solution for the individual client. WordPress web design should be understood as a tool that can either build a new website or web shop or transform an already existing website or web shop. Of course, these are developed with the given objectives in mind and all kinds of wishes can be acted upon, as the developers at Nicolai Sørensen are both competent and creative. Online marketing is a tool that looks at the client's results and then submits a proposal for activities in search engine optimization, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, which are then carried out with lasting success for the purpose.
Nicolai Sørensen is a concept built on integrity, honesty and creativity and has a mission to strengthen the identity of his clients online and thereby help them to success and still improve results.


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