Housing Guide: 3 tips to find a cheap accommodation into parents

Housing Guide: 3 tips to find a cheap accommodation into parents

Winter is approaching fast approaching and even though the new school year long since kicked off, many new Danish students in higher education, there are still many who are still struggling to find shelter, and already for February comes next hold students to the Danish university cities, and then start all over. Precisely for these reasons, many people choose to make a parent purchases, but ladle here it is a good idea to be awake if you want to find a cheap accommodation which is why there will be three tips that can help you with this.

1: Do not be picky - search around the most expensive postcodes

The first thing that you should make clear to itself, if you will embark on an as parents is that it is not contrary to the banks and mortgage institutions are saying is totally risk free to make a parent purchases. Over the last year, prices for housing increased sharply in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, and it also makes it more difficult to find affordable housing into parents.

But the price increase is not equally strong in all regions of Aarhus and Copenhagen. Therefore, there are still some areas where you can find affordable housing, but it is not in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen and in central Aarhus.

But if you want to make a good deal, it is advantageous to think long term, as both cities are expected to grow 'outwards' in the next year, so if you stick in his apartment for more than 3-5 years, you can get to make a really good deal later.

In Copenhagen both Amager and Vesterbro two examples of areas that have gone from not being sought after for a couple of years ago to much sought after today, and this is reflected now in apartment prices. If you would like to find an extra cost housing in one of the slightly less desirable neighborhoods, it is advantageous to try to find an estate, as they are typically sold cheaper than conventional apartments.

2: Look for a good craftsman offer

Another strategy that you can take advantage of if you would like to find a cheap accommodation is to look for a good craftsman offer. They do not grow on trees in the big cities, but in return, the competition is less intense on these homes, because it costs time and money to put an apartment in the state.

In return, it gives you an opportunity to increase the value of the apartment, if you get it restored. In this way, it would stand out in the market. Especially if you have a brand new apartment in an older property, this can help to increase the overall value in the end, so if you want to make a parent purchases a good investment, this may be a good solution. If you lack someone who can stand for the renovation of an apartment or the like, you'll find it here .

3: Consider another study by

A third option that you can consider if you want to give your child an inexpensive accommodation is to choose another university city than Copenhagen or Aarhus. Unless you want to read some very few programs, you can read most education and get the same capabilities in North Jutland, Jutland and on Funen, which can be in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Both Aalborg and Odense attracts these years more and more students but despite this, then you have not the same bottlenecks in the housing market as you have in other cities. The advantage of choosing Aalborg and Odense above Copenhagen and Aarhus is in short that you get far more space for its money. It also means that there may be more money left over for both furniture and electronics once you have moved in. It is worth considering if not all of one's money in the end to go for a high rent. Then they disappear short-term benefits of a parent purchases.