Children's conditions

Children's conditions

Children's Rights is a private, humanitarian organization that for more than 30 years working for all children in Denmark, but with a special effort for the children who have it hard. The goal is to make sure that all children get the help they need and ensure children's right to a good childhood and a good life.

Children's Rights in brief

National Organization Children's Rights was founded in 1977 by several well-known pioneers, including Frode mold Kjær, Tine Bryld and Svend Heinild.

Originally, the Children's Rights is not a real association, but a fund that collected funds. The money was used for various initiatives to better the situation of children in Denmark.

In the beginning there was interest in targeting physical abuse of children - a theme that in the mid-70s had not been much focus on Denmark. The first policy objective for Children's Rights was to abolish the right of parents to hit their children. They succeeded even though it took 20 years before the so-called corporal punishment was finally abolished in 1997.

For a more comprehensive discussion of the story, you can read our anniversary publication in connection with our 30th anniversary in 2007.

Children's Rights Today
Children's Rights has still the neglected and hence the physically abused children as a 'core area' of the work. The initiators of the creation of the Children's Rights was a small group of - at predominantly - professionals. These had high ideals of a good childhood security, care and development. The ideals are still the basis for our work.

When there is reason to fight for children's rights and conditions, make Children's Rights up. This has been true for years, and it stays that way.

And when it comes to practical and technical knowledge at the table across media, legislators and regulators, we are often the source. How it should be that way. Because when it comes to vulnerable children, are considered Children's Rights in the community as one of the most competent advocates. A status we are proud that we cherish and which we develop.

The themes bullying , grief , divorce and child neglect are our focus areas. This means that we focus on being particularly competent in these fields. We use both our own data, collect knowledge and new research from partners as well go out and use our knowledge to guide and influence where there is a need for us.

In addition to working intensively to improve the conditions of children in Denmark, we have four main areas where we help children directly through activities. It is about children Telephone , sorgrupper , School Service and our observer service . Through these activities, we are in direct contact with the approximately 20,000 children each year, which we support, help and learn from. Nevertheless, there are still children who needs help in Denmark. Children's Rights is therefore working intensely to continue developing our offer and increase expand our capacity so that we will eventually help all the children who need it.

Our work relies on support from both individuals and companies. If you want to see how you can make a difference and support the Children's Vilkår work please click here .

Video about being a volunteer at Children's Welfare


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Children's conditions
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