Bjert Body Zone

Bjert Body Zone

Bjert Body Zone is a clinic for alternative treatment. It is run on a daily basis by Anette Rasmussen. I am RAB registered acupuncturist / RAB registered reflexologist and doctor examined masseur.

On my website you can find information about the various treatments I offer. If you are interested in treatment or have questions about the different treatments, you can always contact me on telephone 6165 0826 or e-mail address - You are also welcome to fill out the contact form submenu contact.
I have no fixed telephone time - so if I recorded the treatments, put simply message on the answering machine or send me a text message, I'll contact you as soon as possible.

I am looking to relieve your pain - alleviate your problems - giving you greater comfort!


Bjert Vestervang 26
6091 Bjert

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Telefon: 6165 0826



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Bjert Body Zone