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Are you going to shop big for a moving-in party? Do you miss a large selection of different items? Are you always looking for the best price? Then take a stroll past Bilka! Here you can buy everything the heart desires when it comes to groceries. You will find Bilka in many places in the country. In Kolding you will find, for example, Bilka in Kolding Storcenter at Skovvangen 42.

If you are the type who is always on the hunt for the best deals, you can check out Bilka's offer newspaper with great advantage. You will find the offer newspaper on Bilka's own website, and here you will be introduced every week to a number of exciting offers that may inspire you to your weekly meal plan. It could also be that you lack some electronics or trinkets for the home - here Bilka can also be the place for you. The possibilities are many, and you can safely say that you can do most chores here - at once. It is nice for you who have a busy day and who do not want to spend too much time shopping.

If you are busy, but know that you have to hold a moving-in party, birthday or similar event for your fellow students, then you can make use of BilkaToGo. BilkaToGo is a smart concept where you can shop your food online. Quick and Easy. The staff packs your goods for you, and you can then pick them up at your local Bilka via drive in! This requires that you have a car. If you do not own a car, you may be able to borrow one for the purpose. The BilkaToGo concept is smart, as you can manage your purchases from home. That way you also avoid the rush hour in your local Bilka.

Bilka can also be the place where you find your upcoming part-time job or student place. Via the link you can find information on how to get closer to a job in Bilka. Via the link, you will also find an overview of vacancies right now. Working in Bilka can be an obvious opportunity for you who have moved to a new study city and who would like to expand their social network from the start.


Skovvangen 42
6000 Kolding

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Kontakt via Bilkas egen hjemmeside.

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Alle dage: 07.00 - 23.00


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