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Car in the study - Here are two good opportunities

Car in the study - Here are two good opportunities

It's nice to have a car, but it costs too much money - and money is not what you under the study has most of.

But it may very well be done anyway.

Especially two options you should consider if you as students like the car for one reason or another - because if you study in one of the great cities hangs hardly with that public transport can take you from A to B.

In Copenhagen and Aarhus is almost an inconvenience to have a car because it can be so hard to find parking space for it. One problem, the students at the university is not the same feel as the university here lies outside the city and has a huge parking lot attached.

Let's look at the best options:

Copenhagen - city cars can be used

In Copenhagen agencies have Car2Go and Drive-Now you to choose from more than 600 "city cars". It is 200 Smart Cars and 400 BMW i3 cars you with a special card can take and run wherever you want - and in a lawful and free parking to leave them again.

You pay so 3-4 crowns per minute.

It may sound like a lot, but if you compare with the fixed costs of having a car and how much you actually spend on this can cityscape are make good sense. Especially if you just use them occasionally when you for instance to and from work in the rain or the like.

Cityscapes are found still in Copenhagen where the population density is very high. It is hardly viable to introduce in Aarhus yet. But I wonder if it happens over time.

Leasing with gomore

Another, also interesting option is GoMores leasing.

Here you have the opportunity to lease a car without a down payment down to just a single month. If you choose 12-month bond, you get a better price on the car.

When you lease with gomore you have further opportunity to rent your car just by gomore thus having paid many of the costs that otherwise belong to.

To lease a Peugeot 208, a modern city car with four doors, you can do for 2,900 kroner per year. If you rent the car out in just one week every month, all your costs in addition to gasoline for the car paid. Then it becomes really cheap to run around.

When you lease a car with gomore the insurance even also included.

Great value - Avoid buying a car

If you can, avoid buying the car.

Cars have a high value decreases. This means that you annually lose tens of thousands of crowns only to have the car because with a higher age becomes worth less. Wear costs. In addition, you pay money for gasoline, insurance, and every time your car breaks down. As an investment object , you'll find nothing worse than four wheels and an engine.

Unless you participate in sweepstakes and winning car there is hardly any reason to own a car today. Not when a low payout is possible to lease city cars down to a few thousand crowns a month. Here you know your monthly expenses and will not be surprised when a broken motor, which costs 25,000 to replace.

If you can, take the bus, subway and soon in Aarhus also light rail. It costs a bit of time, but it's nice money saving during the study.