Big Bite Pizza & Burger

In Øgadekvarteret in Aalborg is Big Bite Pizza. Here you get good pizzas , sandwiches with kebab, chicken, falafel or kebab / chicken, tasty barbecue dishes as pølsemix, nuggets in either 9-piece or 20 piece, and great delicious homemade burgers, and ice-cold drinks.

Big Bite Pizza is on Fyensgade 38 in Aalborg, a stone's throw from the Eastern systems and a few minutes walk from the city's central waterfront. At Big Pizza at that happy customers like to come back, therefore they strive always to give the customer the best experience. Their ratings also show that customers are full and satisfied after a meal from Big Bite Pizza. The fine elite smiley also indicate a high level of quality.

All pizzas at Big Bite Pizza can be ordered in family size, as deep pan or wholemeal base, also made also baked pizzas. The menu offers the homemade durum, juicy burgers that are available with 150 or 300-gram steak, crispy fries and a good selection of grilled dishes.

Big Bite Pizza is open Monday to Friday 16-22 and Saturday and Sunday at 13-22. The food can easily be picked up at the address Fyensgade 38, and if you want it brought out, makes the friendly messengers for it.


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