Asa Driving School

At Asa Driving School is emphasized that students are comfortable when they take driver's license at the driving school.
It is the driver's license is a big thing that many look back on with a smile. At Asa Driving School says skilled and competent driving instructors ready to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience when you take the driver's license.

It also explains the many happy and satisfied students who have left the driving school with a driver's license in hand and a fantastic experience.

Asa Driving School strives besides a good experience - to give students on-site a qualified and professional education at a fair and competitive price, so that you get a license quickly and cheaply.

However, it is also important for the driving school you through teaching and driving lessons learn to drive, so when one day you yourself are going to drive on their own - can read the traffic, remember traffic rules and are comfortable with the car and the other vehicles.

You can also take driving licenses for taxi, car towing and regain your driver's license at Asa Driving School.

At Asa Driving School, you can choose from three different packages - red, yellow and green. The green package as described below, follows the legal requirements until the driving test.


Unlimited theory 6 months.
Maneuver Course incl. 4 lessons
Transport to / from the field
16 lekt. + Dark surcharge
Safe Driving Centre / Smooth Course
Possibility of video / cd
Teaching at ASA
Green Package: 8,695 -
You save 1.465, -


Godthåbsvej 93
2000 Frederiksberg

Contact info

Telefon: 38 34 37 34


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