Amager Driving School

Amager Driving School

At Amager driving school you will be taught by some of the latest technology and teaching materials.

Theory Classes are held in Amager Driving School classrooms on slatværksvej 195th

As you probably are aware you must be 18 years before you can drive a car and hold a driving license. This does not mean that you can not start teaching before - you can namely start to teaching driving school 3 months. Before you turn 18.

Quite convenient

Before going up to the theoretical and practical test, you must have gone through a course outlined in the curriculum for category B (car) or category BE (trailer) from an authorized instructor. This course will Amager Driving like to help you through using dygitge and competent driving instructor.

The price for a license at Amager driving school are as follows:

Large Package to the car include: -Manøvrebane, 4 driving lessons of 45 minutes each theoretical knowledge course unlimited for a year. -16 Driving lessons on the way, each 45 minutes. -Køreteknisk Course, 4 driving lessons. -Førstehjælps Course - A total of 24 driving lessons. Kr. 9500.00, -

This is the statutory minimum requirement for most students often requires several driving lessons on the way. Subsequently driving lessons paid in cash, per. lesson, kr. 325.00, - / 45 min. In addition to the package price must be paid test fee to the police when it is time for theoretical and practical test. Amount of theoretical and practical test Kr. 580.00, - (not included in package) + Kr. 100,00, - in the entry fee.

For any non-passed the theory and driving test, must pay renewed examination fee to the police and driving school. Registration for maneuver course, driving course, as well as theoretical and practical test will be made once made payment of the respective amount to the driving school. Prices are valid per. 12/8/2011. Subject to changes. All prices, except for the test fee is incl. 25% VAT.


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Amager Driving School
Amager Driving School