Do you love sustainability and fashion? Then the Aiayu brand may be just for you. Aiayu is a sustainable luxury clothing and home accessories designed in Denmark made in Bolivia, India and Nepal. Whatever you have heard about the brand before or you have not become acquainted with, it is definitely a clothing brand that is worth checking out. If you are in Copenhagen, you can find the Aiayu store at Store Strandstræde 12a. Do you focus on sustainability, ecology and a high level of awareness of materials from a company? Then Aiayu is definitely a company that has full control of these principles.

  The company was founded in 2004, creating luxurious knitwear and cotton cases. Here, they emphasize that the quality is long-lasting while being sustainable. The store in Copenhagen opened for the first time in 2017, where it was now possible to experience Aiayu's universe under the same roof.

Aiayu is priced at the expensive end and is therefore not the most SU friendly brand of clothing. However, it is a brand where you can only get a few items from and use in your look. In addition, it is sustainable, which is also something many young people today prioritize when buying clothes. Therefore, Aiayu is definitely something for young people, even if the cost of the clothing is at the higher end. In addition, their products are long-lasting, which means they are clothes that you can wear for many years to come, which clearly makes the price more affordable. For example, if you need a cool sweater for the cold days, a scarf or a simple t-shirt, then Aiayu has a large selection. If sustainability and ecology are principles that you want to support while shopping for some long-term carrier items, then it is definitely at Aiayu that you will find this. Their clothes are stylish and of good quality, and Aiayu fits into any wardrobe with their nice and simple designs.

Aiayu is a member of the Global Compact, which is the world's largest business sustainable initiative. At Aiayu, they communicate annually on the implementation of the principles of the Global Compact, to ensure that their sustainability in the company is at the top, which is accessible to the public. By making this available to the public, this is their visual expression of their commitment to sustainability. For them, it is especially important to make use of zero waste products and recycle them to create something new. They have implemented this in India, where they have a zero waste program for their cotton. In addition, they donate the profits from their zero waste production to a local school in India for challenged children. In addition, Aiayu uses biodegradable bags for their packaging, which is both in stores and in their webshop. These degradable bags are gone within 90 days, which really makes a difference to the environment. This sustainable development of companies is certainly important for us to have a greener future. In this way we can create the best possible conditions for our dear earth.

If high quality, fair trade, people and the environment as well as sustainability are qualities that you value, then Aiayu's principles are definitely in line with yours. By choosing sustainability when you shop, you help protect the environment and look after our land. For a company to be more sustainable, they support a cleaner and greener future, which are certainly worthwhile attributes. Is your money small and you can't afford to buy a lot of new, what about maybe buying a T-shirt from Aiayu, which is both long-lasting, good quality and from a company that has their principles in order? As a student, it can certainly be difficult to spend a lot of money on clothing and supporting good brands, but whatever a simple item you buy, you are supporting a company with sustainable principles. This way you are sure to get an item that you will love and that will last a long time.yle = "font-weight: 400;">

If you are looking for a brand with stylish designs, good quality, long-lasting products with a sustainable mindset, then you should definitely visit Aiayu in Copenhagen or check out their webshop. If you want to check out their designs, you can, among other things, check out their social media, where they post delicious pictures that can give you inspiration for your next purchase.


Store Strandstræde 12a, 1255 København K

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Telefon: 27 84 09 63

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Mandag - fredag: 11.00 - 18.00
Lørdag: 11.00 - 16.00
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