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accent Francais

Accent Français, THE School of Reference

Since 1998, more than 15,000 students having trusted Accent Francais! More than just a course, an immersion with Accent Français is a full experience and they will be at your side all along two makesure you enjoy it!

Every year, they welcome 2000 students from 16 years old and from all over the world and også orga nize specific program for 45 school groups in average. More than 70 lande representerade hver year and garantere you a real international atmosphere.

Accent Francais får Ministry's seal of quality ( "Label Qualite Francais Langue étrangère") for the quality of its teachers and courses and er valda "Best French Language School" and "Star French Language School" many times by students and partners .

Do you wanna learn French? Who would be better to teach you, than the French sig? Stay abroad in France for a week or up to a whole year, learning the language of love and meeting new people. This is the best way to learn a language and speak it fluently.

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2 rue de Verdun
34000 Montpellier

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Tel: +33 (0) 467 581 268


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Accent Francais

accent Francais
accent Francais
accent Francais
accent Francais