Academic Work

Academic Work

The largest temporary employment and recruitment agency for students and young academics.

It began when three students got a great business idea - to create opportunities for students to gain work experience alongside their studies and help them get a permanent job. 14 years later the Academic Work highest in Scandinavia when it comes to staffing of students, and we continue our international expansion!

We who work at the Academic Work, are very devoted to the company! We are fast, and our motivation is always to do more and to be better! Our temp and recruitment candidates are students and young graduates - a committed, ambitious and teachable candidate group.

For companies who need to hire or recruit personnel, and for university students and young graduates who are looking for a student job alongside their studies or a full time job for over exam - Academic Work helps you!


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1360 København K

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Telefon: 36 17 11 00



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