Abbey Road Café

Welcome to a different, spacious, creative and cozy café in the heart of Aalborg! Here you will find everything from bread and pesto, to hot salmon and book exchange. Somewhere out of the ordinary, but where they still have great love for all their raw materials!

A cafe a little beyond the usual

Abbey Road Café is located in the heart of Aalborg, on the corner opposite Nordkraft. Here you have a café that is a bit out of the ordinary. Here you will find not only an ordinary café, but also a refreshing wine bar and a book exchange department. That's different! Abbey Road is a cozy place full of creativity and homely atmosphere, and they certainly also focus on quality. They get fresh and homemade bread every day, from their sister cafe Penny Lane, which is also located in Aalborg. With more than 10 different kinds of bread and muffins, you will find guaranteed something that falls right in your taste. The menu is filled with delicious classic café dishes with a twist, as well as specialties you should definitely try. You can try to throw yourself over one of Abbey's own favorites, such as their warm hot smoked salmon with marinated fennel, salads and their delicious bread with butter for only 125, or Abbey Casserole with beef tenderloin, bacon, cocktail sausages, vegetables, delicious sauce and the salad of the day at 165, -. Yum! If you are not into the meaty dishes, try the vegetarian lasagne with fresh salad. At Abbeys there is definitely something for everyone.


Wine bar and boutiqe

In addition to the delicious food, you will also find beautiful wines from all over the world in their Vintapperi. Here you have the perfect opportunity to taste the wines of the world without having to buy fake after a bottle. You buy a card in the bar of 200, - or 500, - and you can just go wrong in the Vintapperiet. Whether you're into rosé, white or red, there's plenty of opportunity to find your new favorite. While enjoying your Stellenbosch Chardonnay, you should take a walk past the book exchange department. If your old favorite book is located on the shelf and collects dust, then go to Abbey Road Café and get new life! You can find a lot of good recycle books at the café, which you can exchange with your own old classic. Wine, food and books - then it will not be much better!


Kjellerupsgade 1A
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 11 42 43

Opening Hours

Mandag       08.00 – 22.00
Tirsdag        08.00 – 22.00
Onsdag       08.00 – 22.00
Torsdag       08.00 – 22.00
Fredag         08.00 – 22.00
Lørdag         08.00 – 22.00
Søndag       10:00-17:00
Helligdage   Lukket


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