This year's gaming and lottery funds are distributed

This year's gaming and lottery funds are distributed

Ministry of Education gaming and lotto pool has been allocated to 97 projects in the education and awareness area.
The Ministry of Education in 2011 awarded 26.5 million kronor of the Pools and Lottery funds to 97 projects in the education and awareness area. The money include gone to the following projects: -A film about how future school can be designed so that it gives the children want to go to school and prevent some children excluded by the community -a so-called digital resource room for innovation in education that must prepare students to the increasing demands on professional qualifications in business -A education campaign that will focus on violence in school, abuse in school and mental disorders in school. "It is good that the money, the state is in excess of the Pools and Lottery games, go to interesting and relevant projects. I hope that gaming and lottomidlernes contribution can help to ensure that good projects will be viable - even without subsidies, "said Education Minister Troels Lund Poulsen. This year's pool has supported projects within the priorities: educations with growth perspective educations that supports individual talent -Increased professionalism to all. The Ministry of Education received this year about 250 applications for grants from gaming and lottery money for new initiatives and activities in education and public awareness.

Allowance and support for magazines

Besides the contribution to the 97 projects gives the Ministry of Education also 750,000 kroner of its share of the profits from Danish Games 32 journals on education and awareness. At the same time has been allocated about three million as disposable income for the Minister of Education. The Minister may apply the amount during the year to meet applications for important reasons can not wait for the annual allocation round.

About next year's allocation

Target areas for the next distribution of gaming and lottery funds will be published on 1 October 2011. The application round will take place from 1 October 2011 to 1 December 2011 and the distribution is expected to take place in May / June 2012. Source: