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A fund during the study - Yes or no?

A fund during the study - Yes or no?

As a student you have the opportunity to choose yourself into a fund. This way you are assured of benefits when you come out of the studio, if you have not found a job here.

But the unemployment insurance fund during the study a good idea? Do you get anything out of it other than per diem when you're done? And what a fund should you choose? We are attempting to answer here.

Free membership as a student

Whether you should be in an unemployment insurance fund or not easy to answer - that's a yes.

It is especially related to you as students have the opportunity for free to participate in several of the largest Danish unemployment funds. Unemployment funds hope that you become a member when you finish the training.

By becoming a member, you have a safety net under you when you finish your studies, if you have no job. If you finish without being a member of an unemployment fund, you can look forward to cash - or no help from the state if you have wealth, since you then drain on your assets first.

Ask any financial advisor - they will recommend you as a student to take advantage of the opportunity for a free membership as long as you are a student.

Use more than just subsistence allowance

The question is whether you should continue your membership after completing your studies, if you have found a job.

For now begins the unemployment insurance fund to cost money - Count 450 kroner a month and upward even for the cheapest insurance funds. You can see a general price list in the following overview of unemployment insurance funds to students .

If you are afraid of losing your job or sleeping better at night with the membership is well spent.

If not, consider how many of a-box features, you also are using. Your unemployment insurance fund is not only access to unemployment benefits if you lose your job. It is also the CV courses and networking events and in the course of your career to get the best out of it.

As a recent graduate you only get 78% of the ordinary unemployment benefit when you come out after graduation. The reason is that the unemployment fund is an employee savings scheme working. After completion of the study have you not had the opportunity to actually save up for this insurance. Successive governments have therefore reduced the so-called dimittendsats to the current level of 78 & of the ordinary unemployment benefit.

Choose based on qualifications and not cheapest price

When you select an unemployment fund you should choose according to qualifications and less cost.

Regardless of the unemployment fund you choose, you get the same benefit rate. How much value you get out of the unemployment fund is therefore dependent on the other offers and the extent to which you exploit them. Choose a box that is strong in your particular area.

There are unemployment funds for academics, unskilled workers and managers - and a variety of other groups.

Select the specialized, whatever it costs a few cents extra each month. If it is the unemployment fund and an event of this guarantee you your job for a long time, it is money well spent.

In conclusion; Yes. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a free membership during the study. Whether you need to continue your membership after the study depends mainly on how much you personally get out of membership in addition to your benefits.

Overview of unemployment funds in Denmark