8th grade after school on Bornholm

8th grade after school on Bornholm

Student life can be quite a confusing time in most people's lives. It is very much about finding out what the future should bring and what direction you want to move towards. The pressure to find out what to do and what education to take is already beginning in primary school, and how to make such great choices?

How to find your direction in student life

When most people speak education, there is some kind of seriousness about the subject, as it deals with our future. Although the topic is important and should be taken seriously, it is quite okay to take it a bit calm and not necessarily know immediately what it is you want to be when you become an "adult". It can therefore be an advantage to try out something a little different, to find out which topics catch attention.

Try your hand at a post-school on Bornholm

On Bornholm there are 8 class post-school , which is something a little different from what most people are used to hearing about. It is certainly not abnormal to attend a post-school, but most have the option of doing this after 9 class. For many, the after school works as an "extra" year before starting a higher education. But if you already want to try something else, then you have the opportunity to do it already in 8 class at Bornholm's after school .

Why back school?

An after-school is a matter of taste, just like so much else. For many, however, it may be advantageous to get tested, as it provides a completely different form of connection to school and development than a "regular" elementary school does. At an after-school you sleep there and spend most of the time there, where you get close friendships, and a feeling of being "moved away from home", as you basically only go home on weekends. For many, it is also a question of getting away from the usual surroundings, and you can expect that to do so with this after-school on Bornholm.

Varied and level-headed teaching

Bornholm's secondary school divides their pupils into different levels so that the students get the most out of the teaching. People are different and that means that they also learn differently. At this opportunity you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, as have other students. In addition, there is also a lot of variation in the teaching, which means that the whole thing does not suddenly seem like a long and boring teaching hour. Bornholm after school makes a great effort to teach students something and to help them find out what they want to read later.