62 million kroner for children and young people in schools

62 million kroner for children and young people in schools

The rate adjustment pool parties agree to allocate a total of 62.2 million kroner in 2013 to 2016 for initiatives to support the most vulnerable children and young people in school and training.

The parties behind the rate adjustment pool agreement (the Government (the Social Democrats, Social Liberals and the Socialist People's Party), Left, Danish People's Party Liberal Alliance and the Conservative Party) have signed an agreement on allocation of grants for 2013 on children and education. The agreement is not final until confirmed a total rate adjustment pool agreement as part of the core budget negotiations.

Children and Education Christine Antorini says:

"I am particularly pleased that all settlement parties have supported a strengthening of children and young people's education on internal schools. The project builds on the legislation already implemented with support from a broad majority in parliament to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the plea municipality and the municipality where the placement is located. I submit to November additional legislative proposals to strengthen the quality of education for the children in care by making demands on teacher qualifications placement facilities and the minimum number of students. "

Social reserve project on Planted children's education will help to strengthen the quality of teaching in the internal schools of care places. This will be achieved partly by supporting and strengthening cooperation between the internal schools in placement facilities and local schools and school authorities, partly by supporting the strengthening of supervision through the implementation of new guidelines and the preparation of inspirational material. Efforts should mean that more of the children and young get any education that gives them the basis for further education than primary school. Cooperation will include managers, teachers and educators and be supported by, among other networks.

The projects are:

  • Has been allocated a total of 8 million. kr. Planted for children's education in the years 2013-2015. It initiated activities in relation to both the municipalities and the internal schools for purposes such. disseminate examples of good practice. Establish networks among leaders and teachers on placement facilities. The work will be constantly evaluated and will be followed by revised manuals and other material, including exemplary process.
  • There has allocated a total of 43.0 million. kr. in the years 2013-2016 for the continuation of FastholdelsesTaskforcen that support at-risk youth with challenges young people from education in the communities and ethnic minority young people, starting and completing a vocational education.
  • Has been allocated 1.8 million. kr. in 2013 and 1.4 million. kr. in 2014 to Network locomotive. The project aims to upgrade the skills of the unemployed and employees so they can meet the needs of the modern labor market.
  • Has been allocated 2.0 million. kr. annually in 2013-2016 to study with further development of targeted initiatives aimed at ensuring young people with special needs better opportunities to conduct or participate in education and employment activities in relation to the STU scheme. The experimental work will be anchored in TV Glad.

    The rate adjustment pool funds resulted in the Ministry of Children and Education area included in agreements concluded Social Affairs and Integration and Employment.

    Source: UVM