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5 good reasons to take out a home insurance

5 good reasons to take out a home insurance

Saves you the insurance away, you can be punished for it later. A very large part of the Danish students choose to save insurances away. It is a dangerous trend that can hit young people hard. If you are without a home insurance when an accident occurs, you will most likely stand alone with a big loss.

You will as a young student could argue that you do not have contents with great dignity. The problem is that if you do not have a home insurance policy, there is a wide range of areas beyond your goods where you are not covered. You get 5 good reasons to take out a home insurance policy.

The price
The price of a home insurance policy is usually what scares you as a student. However, a home insurance to students , does not have to be so expensive. In fact, most companies student packages that give students preferential prices. Providers puts together the packages so that you as a student only has the coverage you actually may need. Thus, they can give you a favorable price.

At you can ensure an even cheaper insurance. Mikonomi is a comparison service, which makes price comparisons of financial products, including contents insurance. You only need to fill out one form and return you get 3 offer. These are non-binding and free, and it creates a competition between suppliers, which will give you an economic advantage. But remember to select the bid if coverage best suits your needs.

Liability insurance is perhaps the coverage you do not know is included. A liability insurance is extremely important, as it covers the damage you cause to others or their things. An injury that may end up with large compensation sums, which is for a value, you in all probability want to get rid of.

You will be covered by insurance if, for example. spill a glass of red wine besides a friend / friend's expensive sofa or carpet. In the worst case where you had to inflict bodily injury on, unfortunately, the insurance will cover for any costs. These costs can quickly add up, as there may be a large number of treatments, transport, pain and suffering and permanent disability and more.

Electronics and travel
As a student, there is great chance that you own a smartphone, perhaps a laptop and someone might have also invested in a tablet. Furthermore, you may have a television and a plant. All these things you can get insured with an expanded electronics insurance. Most have heard of someone who has either lost their smartphone or stolen some form of electronics.

Many students are related to their education at either study or work abroad. Therefore, travel insurance also makes sense to have. A travel insurance you will need, both in terms of disease but also if you lose your luggage.

Slip with a deductible
If you do not have home insurance, you stand even for the replacement of all of the above cases. Other hand if you decided to buy you this insurance, you avoid having to pay a deductible, and of course your annual premium payment.

Be carefree
Besides the financial benefit in case of accident, you with home insurance could relax around the clock. You will be able to walk relatively carefree around and not thinking that maybe someone who commits burglary in your home, or what else can happen. Going your stuff in pieces, do not worry about how to afford new.