50 medical sites more to SDU

One in four new seats offered to September accrue University.
The Danish physician education will now have 200 more space, so that each year can be recorded in 1400 in total. 50 of the new seats will University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen is 50, and the University of Aarhus 100. With the distribution is taken into account that the doctor shortage is greatest in Western Denmark. - Already this summer we absorb 200 more medical school in addition to the approximately 1,200 that are already recorded. We have received confirmation that one can find sufficient numbers of clinic sites, so as to avoid bottlenecks in education, says Helge Sander. Will this summer be admitted omtrendt three times as many as in 1990, which was recorded approximately 500. In 1995 the number had risen to about 900, and since 2000 has annually been recorded more than 1,000. The last figure was then reached 1,200 were offered admission. I am Ole Skøtt, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the SDU will be able to train 50 physicians additional year. - There is sorely in need of doctors in the region of Southern Denmark, and since it has been shown that in particular are our own candidates here from medical school at the University of employed in the region, the expansion from 250 to 300 seats in the studio be a welcome opportunity to rectify the problem, says Ole Skøtt. University of Southern Denmark and South Denmark has recently addressed to the Ministry of Science and Technology based on the desire for more footage, so the decision falls on fertile ground. - We are in full swing planning the handling of the increased intake, which of course will make demands on both staff and local ago, when the increase will take place already from the 2009 recorded in September, says Ole Skøtt. However, it takes quite some time before medical students become specialists. After medical school, it takes 10-12 years to become a specialist. It is expected that in the coming years the 900 newly qualified doctors per year, which is more than triple compared to 1995. With the decision to the larger uptake, expected number of newly qualified doctors to increase to about 1,000 a year. Recorded at medical school, dimensioning, determined by the Minister of Science, among other things, based on advice from the Health Protection Agency forecasting and sizing selection, where the Science Ministry participates.