3 tips - How to avoid student debt at SU

3 tips - How to avoid student debt at SU

There are a lot of people who have begun to take up student debt because they cannot make the money turn into everyday life. Unfortunately, this also leads to many students not being able to repay their student debt back . It is not even possible to get rich with an SU, which, of course, is not meant to be the case, as the SU just has to make sure you can afford a place to live and eat while you study. But we have chosen to make these tips on how to avoid recording student debt, so that you can get a better start to your career when you are over your study period.

Make a budget

One of the first things that every student should get done is a budget that covers all the costs and expenses that one has in everyday life. It's all right to just make a budget with paper and pen, but you have to remember to get all the expenses you have each month with.

Here you can advantageously choose to go through your bank account and see what you have had of expenses in recent years, and thus get an idea of exactly what you have to pay in the coming months / the rest of the year. Then you get a budget account if you are permanently transferring to each month. You can also get help from the bank to make your budget so that you both get a template and some professional help for it.

Save on fixed expenses every month

You should review all your overheads each year and see if you can't cut your overheads. Maybe you have an expensive insurance that you pay quite a lot of money every month. Here you can actually contact your current insurance and hear them about the possibilities of getting some discount because you have been a loyal customer for a long time. Most companies agree to give a rejection, but they do not do so automatically. This means that you have to contact them yourself to get this discount. You can also look at your TV packages and see if any of them can be terminated. There are also cheap alternatives to TV packages, such as streaming on the web, where you, for example, here at https://mit-bredbaand.dk/streaming/ you can get an overview of all the options available to stream online where they Most of them give you a free trial so you can test it off.

Make a food plan

When you are at SU, one of the best ways to save money is by saving money on your cooking. Here you can make a food plan once a week that describes exactly what you need and eat every day of the week. When you shop in once a week, you avoid having to make a lot of impulse purchases and in this way you can quickly get a great deal of savings. In addition, the chance of buying junk food is also much smaller, saving you even more money.