Decorate your study home! - on budget

Decorate your study home! - on budget

You have just moved to a new city and may not have much from home that can fit into your little new college room. Therefore, your new home may seem alien and not very cozy. - Look here for a few tips and tricks to pick up your room without compromising the budget.

Recycling is your best friend

If you are not yet familiar with the term "recycling" then I suppose you've lived under a rock or lived with your nose in the breath most of your life. For a student it is a true gold mine to find in the many recycling shops that are found around the many study towns. Here you can find everything from clothes to furniture and other exciting to decorating. Often every shop has a special function, for example, some only deal with clothes, others only with furniture / glass. Depending on what you're looking for, and if you're in doubt where you can find it, you can always ask the cute old ladies who are making a living in the store. In the reuse you can find fun and different colors and shapes that can spice up your apartment for cheap money. Often you can even pry about the price or find items on sale.

Recycling is not only an opportunity to find cheap items, but you also have pride in being different or a "fashionista" there are many golden findings to find here so you can distinguish yourself from your vintage look like no-one else.

The icing on the cake

After the trip in the reuse, you probably have now filled your floor space well and are probably missing something for the only white walls. Here you can resort to quick do-it-yourself projects with colored cardboard boxes or glass hung from the ceiling with light chains. Here, only your creative sense sets the limit for the decoration and you lack inspiration, you can always find "tutorials" online that show you just how can be done.

In addition, one should never underestimate the effect of good modern images on the wall . In many places you can find cheap paintings in lobbies, resting places or at your college and apartment that others have left.

Of course, it is also a prerequisite that it may take time to make your new home cozy, but it often happens as soon as you notice the alternative options that can be found in one's study city and exploit the things that others throws away.