Abroad - an investment in your future

Abroad - an investment in your future


Many companies demand strong language skills, good communication skills, and understanding of other cultures of their employees. As a student, it can seem incomprehensible how to acquire these skills in an already busy day of study and job.

The answer to that is a stay abroad. When you are a student, you have the opportunity to go abroad in several different connections. You can go abroad on a regular study break during a semester where you then have to go to school.

Another opportunity to go abroad as part of your education is during your internship. Both are great opportunities to combine travel and cultural experiences while improving your language skills and developing yourself on many other points. Likewise, your stay abroad will significantly boost your resume and in this way make you stronger when you have to go out in the future and apply for a job.


4 advantages of choosing study abroad or internship abroad

A study stay where you go to school during your stay typically has a duration of 3-5 months. If you go abroad for the purpose of completing your internship, the stay will typically last about 6 months. Common to the two different types of overseas stays is that they will certainly give you a lot of positive and useful things to bring home in your backpack.


  1. If you choose to go abroad as part of your education, you will have a professional profile that stands out from many of your fellow students, who will actually become your future competitors in the labor market. You will acquire a different and more exciting background compared to many of the other job applicants, who also have an application lying in the same pile as yours.


  1. By traveling away from your safe everyday life at home you will stand on your own legs. You have to create a new framework for a completely different everyday life. It goes without saying that it is very instructive to challenge yourself in that way. Therefore, it also means for most people that they return home with a significantly higher confidence than they did when they left. From the point of view of your future employer, it also gives an indication that you believe in yourself and are not afraid to throw yourself into new and exciting challenges.


  1. During your stay, you cannot help but become part of the local study or work environment. You will definitely get a lot of new friends and acquaintances and thus a real understanding of the culture you are in. Meeting another culture will surely give you new perspectives on your own everyday life. At work, the ability to understand oneself and other people, as well as the interaction between them, is also an important characteristic that many employers are looking for.


  1. When you go to another country and have to stand on your own, you will have to throw yourself into a lot of things. One of those things might be the language. You may not already have the best English skills from home, but in order to communicate with the locals it is imperative that you dare to go into it. Learning by doing is an effective way of learning and you will certainly improve your language skills significantly during your stay. Exactly good language skills are also a feature that many employers emphasize, since most companies in some form need people who can communicate in other languages.


A good English CV

You could say that a good investment in your English CV will be a good investment in your future Danish CV. When you apply for study abroad or internship abroad, you need to write an English CV. This resume should preferably create excitement with the recipient, so that you increase your own chances of getting off. Conversely, with the foreign study or internship in your luggage, you will be better off when you return home and at some point have to go out and look for work, where you should preferably be strong in relation to your competitors. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are able to write a good English CV.

Having said that, translating his dance can be a major challengeThere is also a number of differences between the Danish and the English CV, including the resume for an English, and to make it even more difficult. the requirement for length, personal information and image. But don't worry, at cvmaker.dk you can get help with preparing the perfect English CV.

Templates for your resume are just one of the many things you can find on the website. A search for “Organize your applications” can also help you create an overview if you have several different applications. So you can quickly and easily create a professional resume that can take you one step closer to making your dreams come true.