Top 3 places to experience in Bali

Top 3 places to experience in Bali


There are many who dream of traveling to beautiful Bali, either on an adventure trip or as a pure relaxation holiday. Whatever your purpose, there are three places to experience in Bali. Here you can read more about Bali and how to travel cheaply to Bali.

Bali is a true holiday and experience paradise and a journey you will never forget. There are many wonderful things to experience in Bali, but here we have selected three places you MUST experience in Bali. Bali is located in beautiful island Indonesia and has all the best of what Asia has to offer.

Exotic Ubud

Ubud is the city that is Bali's heart. Ubud is a city, but not a big city as we know it. Here there are canyons and rice fields as far as the eye can see, and the hospitality is something very special. Ubud is an art and cultural center with no equal, so this is where you should go if you are keen on art and culture and want to experience the Balinese culture very close. Here you will find art museums, art markets and exciting small shops, so you can bring Balinese art home and have a memory of a lifetime.

From Ubud you can also go on spectacular excursions to the many beautiful waterfalls in Bali. This is a lifetime experience and it is definitely worth experiencing the beautiful waterfalls on your trip to Bali. From Ubud there are several walks where you can experience waterfalls.

Gili Islands

There is no way around the magical Gili Islands if you make your trip to Bali . The Gili Islands are paradise the way you imagine it in its purest form. There are bounty beaches, palm trees and absolute peace and quiet. It is a true paradise and provides the right setting for a relaxing holiday, or maybe even a honeymoon. Only the imagination sets the boundaries, but the Gili Islands are an absolute must. The Gili Islands are extremely popular for snorkelers and it is the perfect opportunity to try snorkeling whether you are experienced or beginning. Here, there is a rich wildlife in the sea that attracts snorkelers, such as turtles.

If you are not just for holidays and relaxation, you can actually party on the Gili Islands as well. On the biggest of them is Gili Trawangan. This one is very different from the other islands, and the most developed in terms of infrastructure. Here is a wild nightlife and you who want to party on your vacation to Bali will find exactly what you are looking for here. Here are both vibrant clubs with dance floors and smaller, cozy places that have live music in the evening.


Lombok is a true tropical adventure island. Here you who are happy to dive get the outlet for your tropical fantasies. Here you can also visit the beautiful little town of Kuta, which provides the perfect setting for a romantic or relaxing beach trip. The best way to experience Kuta is by motorcycle or moped or a good old fashioned bike.

Here you can also climb mountains. There are several mountains in Bali, and especially in Lombok. You can climb Mount Rinjani, one of Bali's most famous tourist attractions. This is still an active volcano to this day, and is the second largest volcano in all of Indonesia.

In Lombok you can also visit a pearl farm where the legendary pearls are grown. Lombok is world famous for its pearl farms and this is an absolute must if you are traveling to Bali. Here you can also buy beautiful pearls with home and garden to commemorate the journey.

Here you can also visit beautiful Tanjung Poki and see a very special natural phenomenon that occurs in Lombok. Visit Tanjung Poki to experience the beautiful rock formations and wave phenomena that occur in the high tide.

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